Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A lot to discuss, considering the Astros didn't play...

McTaggart has some things to say:

Ed Wade on Brian Moehler:
"From what I understand, it doesn't bother him going up and down stairs or running straight ahead, but if it bothers him pushing off he really cannot pitch effectively as witnessed by his lack of command (Monday)," Astros general manager Ed Wade said. "We'll see how he feels (Wednesday). If he misses a start, we hope it's one."

on Kaz Matsui:
"We're going to have ongoing concerns about the health of his back, and that's why we talked so much at the end of last season about the best course of action being surgical or non-surgical, and he opted for a back stabilization program," Astros general manager Ed Wade said. "It's something we're definitely going to have to monitor."

And on losing Brocail:
"Losing Brocail puts people in different roles," general manager Ed Wade said. "We felt coming into the season with Doug assuming more of the seventh in responsibility and Hawkins taking the eighth and Valverde the ninth, that was our best end-of-game lineup. Now we've got to push Geary to later in the game."


Brocail taking some time isn't going to hurt the Astros too much, I don't think - certainly not as much as him trying to pitch through it. Everyone basically gets pushed back, with Sampson and presumably Fulchino in that long-relief role. Obviously Geary in the 7th, Wright for matchups, LaHawk/Byrdak in the 8th and Valverde in the 9th - should he ever have to pitch a 9th inning ever again.

4-5-6 batters this season are hitting 3x7 with a 2B and a HR. Last year, those numbers were 21x73 (.287) with 5 2Bs and 1 HR.

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Rob S said...

We should trade Valverde since obviously we're never going to need him :)

Nice stats on our 6-7-8 guys. At least that looks to improve at this pace from last year.