Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Three Games: Lance Berkman

We know about Lance's struggles so far this season, but with a four-game hit streak, things are looking up for the Cornerstone of the Offense. Lance was hitting under .200 as late as April 18, but has raised that average to .216. What have his last three games looked like?

8th inning: 2-pitch, 1-0 2-run homer to left
6th inning: 6-pitch, 3-2 leadoff walk
4th inning: 6-pitch, 3-2 Flyout to right
1st inning: 4-pitch, 1-2 strikeout looking

6th inning: 6-pitch, 3-2 groundout to first
4th inning: 5-pitch, 1-2 strikeout swinging
3rd inning: 5-pitch, 2-2 flyout to center
1st inning: 4-pitch, 1-2 single to left (RBI)

8th inning: 1st pitch flyout to right
6th inning: 1st pitch homer to right
4th inning: 2-pitch, 1-0 groundout to short
1st inning: 4-pitch, 2-1 lineout to right

So in his last 12 plate appearances, Lance has been on base four times with three hits, and two of those were homers. But, and I think this is important, he has only grounded out twice in those 12 PAs.