Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hope you weren't too excited about the Pirates series, because the melancholy sets!

Just as we had feared:

The Astros sent infielder Drew Sutton to the Cincinnati Reds today as the player to be named later in the March 31 deal that brought infielder Jeff Keppinger to the Astros.

I guess ol' Dusty was right. Let's all keep in perspective that Keppinger is only three years older than Sutton, and has looked pretty good so far this year in what I can only hope is a soon-to-be more expanding role. Two straight starts at 2B, with success, means - I assume - that Keppinger is your 2B2. Should Matsui make his way out of Houston either in 2011 (or before), Keppinger will be your 2B1.

What say you?

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Jason Cardwell said...

What a bummer! I was really hoping it wouldn't be Sutton. Here's to hoping we can get a lot out of Kepp. So far he is being productive in limited playing time. Maybe when Matsui comes back we will see more Kepp at 3rd.