Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Opening Day!

Who's taking today off? (I'm not. A mistake not to be repeated.) Anybody have any Opening Day traditions?

Remember to get your predictions in to Astros County, either in the comments section, or by sending an e-mail to, to win an engraved bat from Cooperstown, NY declaring you the smartest person alive.

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Aaron said...

I wish I was taking the day off, even it was to go see the Rangers (who I think might actually have a good year). Instead it looks like I'm going to be watching the afternoon games from cubicle via

I've never been to opening day. I really want to go one of these days. I'm considering starting a tradition with Noah (and eventually Cohen)next year. We'll see.

And for my predictions, I'm sticking with what I know: Blatant Homerism

Cubs 96-66
Stros 87-75
Cards 85-79
Brewcrew 81-81
Reds 77-85
Bucks 62-100