Monday, April 20, 2009

Depressing e-mail from a Reds' fan

Got this in the ol' inbox this morning:

I’ll say this after watching your Astros for 3 days, Jason Smith ain’t a big league hitter. Berkman is frustrated. Tejada is the only one hitting. Bourn’s OBP will not top .330 at the end of the year. Your bullpen will be where leads go to die and many of your starters will feel like Aaron Harang did the other night.

Of course my Reds have four regulars hitting on the interstate and one under it. Thank the almighty for Micah Owings. It is sad that a pitcher is the best pinch hitter and right handed power bat we have. I can’t take much more of Edwin Encarnacion and Brandon Phillips long ugly swings. They are killing us."

This is hard to refute. So I won't.