Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Czech out the Hooks, and who they're throwing at the Big Club tomorrow

Interesting to see who is playing for the Hooks in the exhibition game tomorrow against the Astros:

Pitchers - Erick Abreu, Douglas Arguello, T.J. Burton, Paul Estrada, Casey Hudspeth, Brad James, Jeremy Johnson, Felipe Paulino, Sergio Perez, Chris Salamida, Rob Semerano, Polin Trinidad, Andy Van Hekken, Chad Wagler

Catchers - Brian Esposito, Lou Palmisano

Infielders - Jhon Florentino, Mark Ori, Drew Meyer, Felix Molina, Chad Spann, Wladimir Sutil

Outfielders - Collin DeLome, Mitch Einertson, Josh Flores, Andrew Locke, Jimmy Van Ostrand

I'm surprised that Polin Trinidad is at Double-A, and Brad James, too. You?

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cardsjason said...

And Paulino. Maybe it is just until things get going in Round Rock?