Thursday, April 9, 2009

Check out a live interview with United Cardinals Blogger Radio

In advance of this weekend's series with the Cardinals, Astros County was interviewed by United Cardinal Bloggers' Radio Hour last night. The show was archived - click to listen - and Astros County comes in about 25 minutes into the show if you want to skip to it (it lasts about 20 minutes).

In AC's segment we discuss...
-October 17, 2005 (feel free to scream when you hear it)
-The Cardinals' fans' hatred for Brandon Backe
-Trading Lance/Roy
-What to expect from Mike Hampton
-The Grand Scheme/Master Plan for Astros County

Also be sure to listen for the mention of Randy Wolf's incontinence. And what do you know? Cardinals fans don't have forked tongues OR hooves! Thanks to C70 at the Bat and United Cardinal Bloggers for setting this up. Look for an e-mail exchange with C70 later today.


Rob S said...

Excellent insight and well spoken Constable James. Some might even say you have the voice to go along with the face for radio ;)

Rob S said...

Oh and I still hate the Cardinals, but not as much as the Cubs :) I welcome Card fans with open arms, theyre nothing like the majority of Cubs fans.

Cardinal70 said...

Great to hear you on the show last night. Look forward to getting you back on there later in the year!

The Constable. said...

It's an interesting point. I've had a couple of run-ins with Cubs fans - and with the (very) limited exposure I've had with Cubs players - shall we say I prefer the Cardinals, and their fans, to the Cubs.

I may have to change the Proof of Citizenship.

And my face is definitely suited for radio. And for blogging.

The Constable. said...

Rob - shoot me an e-mail at