Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can't say I agree with this one

Felipe Paulino will be recalled today in order to start G12 tomorrow against Edinson Volquez. Someone will be sent to The Rock in order to clear a roster spot.

That person will most likely be Fulchino or Arias. So rather than use the two pitchers they called up, the Astros managed to blow an option on both - and then manage to not use them at all in the limited time either one was here. Options are special things, you don't get many of those. And while it is very reasonable to think that one - or both - of them would have found their way to the Big Club at some point this season, the Organization just ensured that Paulino has one less. And if my count serves me correctly (and it sometimes does not), Paulino will be out of options going into 2010.


jphelps said...

Fulchino, Arias and Paulino will all get time on the mound this year, all giving up an option year at some point. If we could have managed to drive in some runs over the last few games, they might have seen some PT. They'll get their shot as we have four starters that cannot be counted on because they are injury prone or just sh!tty. I think Paulino is the right move because he is infinetly more talented than the other two warm bodies. He has a future in the rotation.

jphelps said...

My horn is tooting itself right now.