Saturday, April 4, 2009

Astros split two-game series with Indians. Thanks for nothing, Brocail

Carrying a 3-1 lead into the 9th, the Astros lost 4-3. Let's get to the line:

Mike Hampton
4IP, 6H, 1R (0ER). 75 pitches, 50 for strikes (66.7%). 4 ground-outs, 4 fly-outs, 3 Ks.
FB hit 90, Slider at 87, Changeup at 86, Curve at 75.

Saith Hampton:
"I felt good," he said. "I threw all my pitches to both sides of the plate. For the most part I felt pretty comfortable. I felt if I got out of whack a little bit I could correct it pretty quickly. For the most part I felt pretty comfortable out there."

Hampton will start Friday at Beck's Stadium against the Cardinals.

Chris Sampson, 5th inning
1IP, 1H. 12p/8s (75%). 2go/1fo.
FB at 88,

Russ Ortiz, 6th-7th
2IP, 2K. 23p/16s (69.6%). 2go/2fo/2K.
FB at 92

Byrdak, 8th
1IP, 1H. 8p/5s (67.5%). 2go/1fo.
FB at 89-91

Brocail, 9th
1IP, 3H, 3R (2ER). 1go/2fo. 1L
How did this happen?:
Cabrera: 1 pitch/1 out
Choo: Line drive single to right
Espino: Ground-ball single to 3rd
Garko: Popped out to catcher
-Note: Two outs-
Carroll: HBP, bases loaded
Crowe: Two-run single to right
Graffanino: Ground-ball to third, E5 on Johnson, Carroll scored.

Bourn, Keppinger, Berkman, Tejada, Pence, Erstad, Michaels, Smith, Quintero.

Bourn went 2x4 with 2r and 2SBs. Berkman had an RBI ground-rule double off Kerry Wood in the 6th. Johnson followed with an RBI double of his own.

Four errors - four! Three throwing errors on Johnson, Keppinger, Smith and a fielding error by Tejada led to two unearned runs. Attribute Smith's errors to nerves:
"Did you see today's game?" he said, when asked if he was nervous. "There was a tremendous amount of pressure today. You kind of know, but still, something could have been done today. It could have been me [who was cut], so I could sit here and lie to you and say I didn't feel any pressure."
There's your game.

Man of the Match: Lance Berkman
Goat of the Game: Doug Brocail

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Brocail, what the hell? I hope you got it all out of your system today.