Friday, April 24, 2009

Astros County Apparel

We now offer Astros County apparel through CafePress. There are shirts, jackets, mousepads, whatever, available for as low as $9.99 (for a baby's bib, if you want to install hatred of other NL Central teams into your newborn). Shirts run in the $15-20 range. The Value Shirt option clocks in at $12.99. But I bet if you wear it in the rain, people can see your nipples.

Support your local blog. After all, at least we're not running any ads.


Ty said...

I just want to say that as far as I'm concerned, for the quality and quantity of content that you put out there, you can run ads as much as you want. You work hard and that should be rewarded.

Also, look for me in my Astros County gear on June 7th at Yankees v. Rays in NYC.


The Constable. said...

Make sure you get a picture in the gear at Yankee $tadium.

Oh, and then send it in.