Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tim Dierkes thinks Carlos Lee will be a train-wreck, as well.

So Tim Dierkes, of MLBTR, wrote a column on the 45 worst contracts in baseball.

Says Dierkes:
Signed in November of 2006. This backloaded deal pays Lee $18.5MM per year over the last four years. We've yet to see the worst of it.

Fortunately for the Astros, they only have one contract here. The Brewers, Cubs and Reds have two contracts. The Pirates don't have any. The Giants lead all clubs with four (Zito, Renteria, Roberts and Rowand).


cardsjason said...

Dierkes is too busy drinking the cubbie kool-aid to see the reality most of the time. I think Carlos is going to be one of those guys who will consistently put up numbers. However, he is probably making too much money.

TJ Vetrone said...

I agree with Tim. Carlos is a good player (offensively) but about 20 LF's can hit as well as him and can play far superior defense. oh, they get paid significantly less. Now, don't get me wrong, I like The Astros (obviously, as I am on a Astros Blog) but it was a ridiculous move for the money. Furthermore, what is going to happen when Bogusevic is ready to go? Do the Astros move Lee? No way he goes to LF, no way he moves to center! hopefully he can DH in the AL, oh, wait forgot he can't be traded....don't take the post the wrong way, just venting my "carlos Lee frustrations" As always appreciate the stuff on here. Need any help, let me know.