Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tejada blessed with the gift of complication

In a psychotic statement, Tejada mentioned being willing to play third base, if that's what the Astros need.

Problem is, the Astros have too many 3Bs as it is, and not enough SSs. Tommy Manzella probably isn't quite ready yet, and if one minor leaguer looks like he's ready to contribute now, it's Chris Johnson. Who plays...guess freaking what! Third base. Thanks, Miggs. Now shut up and play shortstop for one more year and then go sign with the Yankees.

Now maybe, with this quote, we get a better glimpse at the motivation for an out-of-nowhere guano crazy idea:

"Wherever they want me, I'll be there 100 percent," Tejada said. "If they want me to move to third, I'll do it. I just want to be here. I'm a free agent after this year, and the No. 1 thing for me is that I want to be here."

Ah ha! So Tejada is realizing he doesn't have the range or stats to be somebody else's SS, so if he lets it be known that he will move to 3B, it makes him more marketable as he looks for that 2010 contract. The best thing that Tejada can do for the Astros is be the Clubhouse Leader and put up some decent numbers - at short - and call it a year.