Monday, March 9, 2009

Predictions from The Leadoff Man

A Cubs blog predicts the Astros to finish 4th in the NL Central this year:

Says The Leadoff Man:
This year, Houston's record should better reflect this squad's flaws. The rotation has exactly one reliable starter in Roy Oswalt (17-10, 3.54 ERA). Wandy Rodriguez (9-7, 3.54 ERA in 137 IP) can't be counted on for a full season, or against lefties, who hit .282 with an .811 OPS off the southpaw. Brian Moehler (11-8, 4.56) is a poor man's idea of a third starter, but he'll be just that barring a major reversal from Brandon Backe (9-14, 6.05), who, incredibly, looks like a safe bet to make the rotation himself. You know a rotation is in trouble when Mike Hampton is getting a serious look in spring training, and that's the position the Astros find themselves in right now. Jose Valverde (3.38, 44 saves) can only finish games -- Houston needs a few more guys who can start them.