Thursday, March 12, 2009

Polin Trinidad likely to go to Round Rock

In a nice little feature on the feel-good story from undrafted free agent to the Majors, Polin Trinidad will, uh...delay that final step for a little while as JJO reports that he will most likely begin the season at Round Rock.

He doesn't throw hard - 88-91 (which, it bears mentioning, is a good 35 mph faster than what I throw) - but he does have control.

“First and foremost, he’s what we call a strike thrower,” Robinson said. “He’s going to come right at the hitters. He believes and trusts in his stuff, and he’s going to throw it over the plate.

“He’s got a little sink on his fastball, and his velocity has gone up each year. It’s plenty good right now to pitch at the major league level. With his sink and command, he can take you a long way.”

Projecting as a starter, it's important to remember Trinidad is only 24, so there's time for him to develop.

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