Monday, March 9, 2009

Paulino, Backe, Oswalt are "concerning"

So seeing as how Coop said it was "high noon" for Felipe Paulino, who has minor league options (and Fernando Nieve, who doesn't), allowing five hits, a three-run homer, and walking two batters in one inning probably doesn't help.

Brandon Backe apparently can't even touch his midsection without feeling pain. But Backe knows there's a downside to this:

"The doubt's there because there's no communication as to where I actually stand other than I'm fighting for a job," he said. "Looking from the outside in, it only opens up doors for others that compete against me. I want to be out there doing well with them and make it a hard decision for the Astros."

-And Cecil Cooper wasn't too thrilled with Roy's performance last night, but it wasn't the results of which he was concerned:

"I was worried about that pitch count," Cooper said. "It's a different kind of stress when you're in a game and getting up to that number. You know he's revved and he's excited. I was a little concerned. It seems like they were aware of what's going on for a numbers standpoint."

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