Thursday, March 19, 2009

Neyer takes a shot at the mystery third baseman, and says mean things about our hot corner

Rob Neyer took a shot at who may be the mystery third baseman. But then he realized it could be anybody, and then threw these names out there:

I realized it could be just about anyone, including (but not limited to) Mark Teahen, Adrian Beltre, Chone Figgins, Melvin Mora and Dallas McPherson.

I'll give the edge to Melvin Mora, because he's an Oriole, and Wade and MacPhail are working on trading the entire organizations to each other by Opening Day 2012.

Ha. Teahen is interesting, because he's 27 and 3B2 on the Royals' depth chart behind Alex Gordon. Figgins is 31, but is currently the Angels' 3B1 with Brandon Wood breathing down his neck. Dallas McPherson is a 28-year old lefty, but is 3B2 with the Marlins behind Jorge Cantu.

Then this parting shot:
I'm not wild about the Astros' chances this season. Too many out-makers in the lineup, not enough sure things in the rotation. But it seems to me if you're going to bring Pudge Rodriguez aboard, you might as well try to find a third baseman who can actually hit.

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The Unofficial Official said...

wow, I pretty much said the same thing about the hot corner. Although, at this point it's still just a shot in the dark. So the only upside (not a huge one) is if we do trade rosters with the O's, we will end up with Guthrie and Markakias at some point!