Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Sayonara!

Some guys were sent to minor-league camp today. So sayonara (and see you later) to:

IFs: Drew Sutton, Mark Saccomanno
Ps: Polin Trinidad, Tyler Lumsden, Sam Gervacio
OF: Yordany Ramirez

Coming from JJO, who did an excellent job in this one, reported on what Coop said about each of those players sent down...

Lumsden (who is shifting to the Bullpen)
"We like his stuff. We just need him to be more consistent and trust his stuff in the strike zone."

"He's going to go hopefully in the rotation and we'll give him a chance to start at Round Rock and see where he goes."

"It's as good as you can get at the major league level from that sidearm-type delivery. He's going to be a bullpen guy for us. It might be sooner rather than later."

"We know he can play the outfield and we know he can run. ... There's not many guys that can defend as good as him. He needs to work on making more contact and using his legs, putting the ball on the ground and bunting more. Just work on making better contact."

Sutton (who will focus on playing 2B)
"I was impressed with his patience at the plate and his idea of the strike zone, which is what I thought coming in."