Monday, March 30, 2009

It's been a rough few days for the 2005 Astros

It's amazing to go back and take a look at the 2005 World Series sweepee Houston Astros roster, and how many of them have had a rough few days. Regard:

C - Brad Ausmus
1B - Lance Berkman
2B - Craig Biggio
3B - Morgan Ensberg
SS - Adam Everett
LF - Chris Burke
CF - Willy Taveras
RF - Jason Lane

SP1 - Roy Oswalt
SP2 - Roger Clemens
SP3 - Andy Pettitte
SP4 - Brandon Backe
SP5 - Wandy Rodriguez
CL - Brad Lidge

Bagwell retired following 2005.
Biggio following 2007.
Ausmus left for LA this past off-season.
Ensberg just got released by the Rays.
Jason Lane just got sent down by the Blue Jays.
Chris Burke just got traded to the Mariners, and is on his third club since the DiamondB's trade.
Adam Everett got hurt last week aftersigning with the Tigers.

You look at who the Astros let go of, or got rid of, following the World Series run and it's hard to criticize them. Let's remember this as we move forward.

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Aaron said...

While I know our major problems aren't in the bullpen, I sure do miss Lidge, Qualls, Springer, and Wheeler...