Monday, March 30, 2009

It had to happen some time: Hampton and Wright get rocked

Let's be honest. The most important quote from Hampton, and it's telling that he feels like he has to mention this after his performance today is this one:

"It was a battle. I made some mistakes over the plate to some good hitters and they made me pay for it. I felt fine, but it was one of those days I didn't have a whole lot."

It's those three words: I felt fine. This is going to happen. No one muddied their britches when Roy gave up 17 earned in his first start last year (an exaggeration, of course). Pitchers are going to have bad days, and this one came in Spring Training. I think just the fact that Hampton made it through an entire spring and, with the exception of a heart problem that fixed itself, has been completely healthy is worth celebrating and a cause for optimism.

Still, he gave up the long ball. Three homers, one to Rollins on the 1st pitch (which probably doesn't do much for confidence), one to Howard, and one to Eric Bruntlett. Wesley Wright also gave up his first run of the Spring, and then three more after that, allowing six baserunners in one inning of work. Sampson added two unearned runs to complete the 13-3 rout. Kaz Matsui used a 3x3 day to raise his average almost to .200 (.197) and Edwin Maysonet went 1x2 with a homer to sit his average at .333.

And that was the last road game of the Spring!

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