Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ed Wade could find himself in another headlock this season

This time, from's Jon Heyman. Check it out:

This isn't the fault of the reporter, Alyson Footer, who did the right thing by confronting Wade, who proceeded to do the wrong thing by denying pursuit during mid-pursuit. There appears to be no wiggle room here for Wade, either, since it had already been reported at least here that the Astros desired Rodriguez. That was not a guess, either. I should have an idea what's going on with Pudge since he lives three doors down my block in Miami.

It didn't bother me that Wade denied what was written here. But now that he has signed Pudge for $1.5 million plus incentives, he owes an apology to Footer, who had the professionalism to praise him for the move even after he led her astray. For his own sake Wade should also rethink this strategy, because when you're caught telling big fat ones like this, folks tend not to trust you in the future.

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