Sunday, March 29, 2009

David Newhan released, doesn't take it well; Paronto hits The Rock

The Astros released David Newhan and reassigned Chad Paronto to minor-league camp today.

Coop said this about Newhan:
"The guy did a great job for us last year. He's a good pinch-hitter and great teammate, but he didn't fit this spring. We gave him some opportunities to play not only at second but the outfield, but we have six outfielders (in camp) right now. He just didn't fit.".

Newhan was less philosophical about it, however:
Kind of the only way that Coop's really communicated is through (the media)," Newhan said as he boxed his belonging at Osceola County Stadium. "It's just unfortunate. They've talked about needing a shortstop the whole time, but I wish I would have gotten a chance to at least screw that up. I never really got that opportunity. He told me I would, but the next day talking to (reporters) was like, 'You're like seventh on the list.' The way they communicated they made it clear I wasn't going to fit here and the guys they have in Triple-A, they have to play. I understand that."

I imagine it is terribly disheartening to read about yourself in the newspaper. I bet it's ridiculously frustrating to read about yourself in the newspaper after the guy who could have been talking to you man-to-man is one office over. So I feel bad for Newhan - Coop's right, he probably wasn't a fit for the Astros this season, but there's no need to wait until the end of Camp to make this move - especially when there are jobs across the league available.