Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dan Plesac and I would get along very nicely, thank you

So Will Leitch of Deadspin/other media has a new column feature on Deadspin. It's very funny, but I did notice this line, in a rundown of ranking the MLB Network's analysts:

5. Dan Plesac (seems smart, but actually picked the Astros to finish second in the NL Central)

So I guess that means Dan Plesac is not, in fact, smart.

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The Unofficial Official said...

That was a pretty odd, yet funny column. Maybe Dan is smart and the others are just ignorant? I'm taking the Stros for third, two games above the Cardinals and one game below the Brew Crew. Thats just me. Don't think St Louis can be that lucky again this year with abosolutely no bullpen and a giant ? next to Chris Carpenter. Of course, Pujols will carry the team on his massive shoulders (he has no neck btw). I hate to say it but the Cubbies are gonna run away with the central this year.