Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cincinnati Enquirer reporting Keppinger traded to Astros, Reds fans mourn

Well, I'm glad Geoff Blum gave a tacit approval this morning. It's a very short post, but John Fay is reporting the Reds have traded third baseman Jeff Keppinger to the Astros for a PTBNL. There's your 3B1.

More analysis later, but here's a sampling of comments from the Enquirer's site...

-Keppinger was beginning to be well liked by Cincy fans... good thing we got rid of him now... so we don't get too attached...


-first Hamilton, Cantu,..now Keppinger...one mistake after another, team will finish 20 games back..Baker will be history, we lack an outfield, have no healthy shortstop, a marginal catcher and 2 starters Harang and Arroyo that are about finished

That guy (SportsGod is his handle) wins the Eeyore Award. I'm guessing the ellipses


Rob S said...

I really love this trade, barring PTBN isn't one of our current starters (unlikely) or Erstad. I love our lineup for a bunch of old geysers and alleged juicers. Now if the starting pitching can hold up, this year wont be as bad as I thought.

Question of note, if the Reds need a healthy SS, why are they making this trade? Its not like we have some young SS prospect worth much.

Way to go Wade on making a small time move that provides a little hope. And speaking of Wade, other than the Bourn trade, he really hasn't done that bad under the restrictions by McLane (that I can recall off the top of my head at least).

Rob S said...

Nevermind, after doing something investigative work I found out why the Reds were willing. They have 2 young guys able to come in and basically do the same thing he was this Spring. Kepp was having an awful Spring Training but should platoon nicely as a righty to Blum's lefty if he gets back into stride again. Then again, he could just be a less than stellar Ensberg who put together a good string of games and then fizzled into oblivion.

This trade has no risk involved in my eyes now. If he can start hitting like his pre-knee injury (before .326 after .238) then its nothing but reward. If it doesn't work out, we can bring CJ up from the minors. A win win in my eyes, as I dont think Johnson is quite ready for the big leagues unless needed, just yet (if ever).