Monday, March 2, 2009

Bud Selig must have been in attendance

So the Astros tied the Yankees, because they were out of pitching (didn't they just spend $Gazillion on that?), 5-5. Hampton got rocked, kind of, but don't feel bad. He gave up four runs in two innings, but was supposed to pitch three innings.

What's important to note, though, is this:
"I've done it before," Hampton said. "The most important thing is I felt good out there. The results aren't what I wanted, but for the most part I was able to use both sides of the plate and throw my pitches and my body felt good as well."

Honestly. This doesn't matter. The important thing is that he didn't hit Derek Jeter in the head with his detached arm. As long as Hampton can pitch, he will. If he's not hurt, everything's fine. Will he be 1999 Mike Hampton? Probably not. But will he be better than Woody Williams or Jason Jennings? Yes. So while the numbers don't count, let's let the numbers not count and just enjoy that the Astros might get away with one here in Hampton.

Russ Ortiz pitched well - 3 IP, 1 H, 1 ER (homer to Angel Berroa)
Valverde (2K), Wesley Wright and Chad Paronto (1K) threw scoreless innings

On the offensive side:
Jason Smith and Reggie Abercrombie went 2-for-2 (Smith also added an SB)
Matt Kata went deep and Chris Johnson had a two-RBI single
Palmisano and Quintero each went 0-for-2

Other notes:

Hunter Pence signed a contract for $439,000 for 2009.
Yordany Ramirez is nursing a sore hamstring.

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