Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Bucs Dugout thinks the Astros will win six more games than the Pirates. So, 10-152.

In continuing keeping track of the 2009 predictions, the Bucs Dugout made their own:

-A mid-payroll team needs to churn out cheap talent to complement its core but, due mostly to inattention to drafting and Latin America, the Astros have failed to do that. As a result, they're relying on any number of cheap veterans, and even given the team's financial and personnel constraints, many of those veterans are poorly chosen.

-But the 2008 Astros also beat their Pythagorean record by nine games, and the 2009 team looks worse than last year's. I have to call them like I see them. Again, I predict they'll finish fifth, ahead of the Pirates.

5. Houston Astros 71-91

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