Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bill Liesse is just...mean

Bill Liesse, of the Peoria Journal-Star, does not think highly of Drayton McLane or Miguel Tejada.

Obviously Drayton showed some hypocrisy with his handling of Miguel Tejada, and Liesse says this:

Hard to remember a quote as 180 degrees off the mark as the following by Astros owner Drayton McLane. The latest, laughable-on-its-face “apology” came from Houston’s Miguel Tejada, who happends to concede he acquired HGH before throwing the stuff away. Why not the implausible “I only did them once” steroid defense that inexplicably got Andy Pettitte off the hook? Because Tejada has to explain cancelled checks, not dirty urine.

McLane’s reaction: “I think we have to trust people. I think if he was guilty of (taking steroids) he would certainly say so.”

But then, this, to close out the column:
In related items, McLane said he thinks Minute Maid Park is a really cool place and that the back half of Houston’s suspect rotation will be manned just fine by his “invisible friends,” Bigfoot and the Easter Bunny.

Classy. So who's Bigfoot? Moehler? Or Backe?

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