Friday, March 13, 2009

Astros see no reason to panic, because it's March

In a fire-extinguishing article in the Chronicle, the headline reads "Despite Spring struggles, Astros see no reason to panic" - but what else are they going to say? "Turn in your season ticket package for a 2005 Highlight DVD?"

The games have been, according to Easy Eddie, "sloppy and choppy" and this weekend the games should get more crisp as the leading candidates will get more opportunities to play.

There's a positive/negative aspect of the article. JJO lists these positives:

Mike Hampton's arm hasn't withered yet.
Russ Ortiz and Jose Capellan are making the Astros think.
Alberto Arias is good, too.

But here are the negatives:
Nieve, Paulino, Backe and Hensley really nutted it this spring.
And I'll go ahead and add that Astros catchers are 4x39 so far.

Anybody want to add anything to either column?