Monday, February 2, 2009

What are these Options of which you speak?

So remember Ed Wade called out Fernando Nieve as the guys who need to step up and prove something, because they were out of options?

This, from Astros County citizen Dave in Pensacola, FL...

Question: What the (censored) is an option?

That's tender, and classy, Dave. But allow me to expand on exactly what the Option process is (with some help from the Biz of Baseball)...

If you sign a professional contract when you are 18 or younger, the team has complete control of that player for five seasons. 19 or older, it's four seasons to evaluate them. The count starts the day the contract is signed. When said player is added to the 40-man roster, the club has three "options," or three seasons in which the club can move the player from the majors to the minors without losing control of that player.

The player can be moved back and forth as many times in one season, and it will only count as one option.

After the player is out of options, or three seasons in which he has been moved from the Majors to the Minors - beginning with the next season, the player has to clear waivers in order to be sent to the minors. A player with five years of Major League experience has to consent to be placed on waivers.

Since Nieve has played Chutes-n-Ladders with the Astros for three seasons now, in order for Nieve to be sent to Round Rock this season, he would have to be placed on waivers and the other 29 clubs could claim him.

Voila. It basically means you can't play with a player's emotions all four/five years he's under control. And if you can't figure out if a guy is ready after five years, you should let other teams screw with him.


CM said...

Great post.......and just to comment about the 'tainted no-hitter' thing........Cubs fans have no class, and to me, that will always be a tainted no-hitter.

Remember the Cubs fans holding up signs in Wrigley Park II (I mean Miller Park, sorry) that said "Thanks Ike"? I'm not kidding, a typical class-less Cubs fans was holding up that sign.

A relative of mine died in Hurricane Ike........and the Cubs fans think it's just a big advantage to them that they got a couple more home games.

I will never ever forgive the Cubs or their fans for last season - or the tainted no-hitter.

The Constable. said...


Great comment. I think every team has their own section of fans who could be saddled with the "jackass" label. It looks like Astros County would fall under that same label for some Cubs fans, and that's fine. A large majority of Cubs fans are fine, upstanding people.

But I agree that the circumstances regarding the Miller Park debacle should be taken more seriously. And Drayton deserves a large share of that blame for agreeing to it in the first place. It was a big deal to be put through that situation.

I'm also terribly sorry about your family - I think anyone who has family in the Houston area was impacted in a way that baseball can't completely heal.

The ribbing about the "stupid, tainted no-hitter" comment was meant in jest, but you cannot deny that weekend was stressful for the players - outside of a September wild card chase.