Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tejada changes mind, is actually 27

So Miggs changed his mind and has decided he's 27 years old. Wait, wrong story. He has changed his mind on playing for the D.R. in the upcoming WBC. Apparently Felipe Alou - DR manager - assured Miggs that he wouldn't be playing first and would see time at SS, 3B and DH. Because with Hanley Ramirez and A-Rod, there's plenty of playing time to go around, I imagine.

How does Easy Eddie feel about this?

“Miguel felt compelled from the standpoint of representing his country to play, and I told him we’ll support whatever decision he makes,” Wade said. “We support the World Baseball Classic, and reversing field at this point is no big deal as far as we’re concerned.”

I hate the World Baseball Classic. Actually, that's not true. (You would think that with an editing tool, I might refrain from doing that). I don't mind the World Baseball Classic, but there's no reason not to hold it in November where, should you get hurt, the team that actually pays you money isn't totally housed. Thoughts?