Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roy's getting chatty - and I like it.

Article in USA Today on Roy's thoughts of what to do with the other names in the 2003 "anonymous" test:

I think the big thing for us is if we get the other names out there instead of releasing one here and there. I mean it's been ... years. Get it over with. Don't let it linger and go on for three more years. Let's get them all out there, move on and start playing baseball. That's the worst thing about it ... the way they're going about it."

At the bottom of the article, we also read Tommy Manzella signed a one-year $400,000 contract for 2009.

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aStrOs_tIckeTs said...

Pretty freakin' cool. I'm going to bookmark this site for future Astros comic relief!