Monday, February 23, 2009

No. No. Please God, no.

Says Lance Berkman:

"My kids are getting older, and that's a factor," Berkman said. "I can't guarantee that I'm going to hang around indefinitely, but if you were to ask me today, I would say I'm definitely planning to play past this contract."

Remember, Lance is under contract - including the club option - through 2011. But the thought of Roy hanging it up in 2011, and Berkman leaving via free agency? Too terrible to think about.

But this is all reactionary, because Lance has never played a home game outside of Texas (I don't think. Do you know?)

Then this:
"Everybody I've talked to, even guys that are staunch advocates of cutting your career short, they all miss it," Berkman said. "To a man, I've never talked to anybody that retired while they still had something left in the tank and was pleased with the decision. Even if Roy hangs them up for a year, I predict a comeback after a year's absence."


Spruce said...

His minor league years would have been out of TX (Kissimee, I think and probably New Orleans). But, I don't think he was down there all that long before they called him up. So, let's not count those years.

CM said...

Well, Lance did play a "home" game in Wrigley North last year.