Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Power Rankings

Heads up to Chip Bailey for posting a link to CBS Sportsline's first MLB Power Rankings.

Here we go:
Cecil Cooper will be the first manager to bite the dust, a casualty of the high-salary, low-functioning roster handed to him. ... In case you haven't noticed, the Astros plan on giving significant time to bench effluvia like Geoff Blum, J.R. Towles and Michael Bourn. Their rotation lacks legit third, fourth and fifth starters; the bullpen features a scattershot closer and a bunch of middle-relief retreads. ... There's front-line talent here -- Berkman, Oswalt, Pence, Lee -- but not enough to compensate for the dreck occupying roster spots 9 through 25.

Oh, and that's the Astros in your 29th spot. Only the Pirates were ranked lower. The whole article/column is filled with sarcasm (read it, it's pretty funny), so take it for what it's worth.