Monday, February 23, 2009

Manzella and Maysonet plan to put friendship behind them

It's a sweet story, but Tommy Manzella and Edwin Maysonet will cease their friendship and start a series of ill-intentioned pranks in order to get each other sent to minor league camp.

Okay, not really, but the two friends are finding it an interesting position to be in, especially as they duke it out with Matt Kata and Jason Smith for the utility infielder position - though a pure shortstop would be the most beneficial, with the Astros trying to give Miguel Tejada more rest.

“It’s definitely a different feeling this year where I feel like I definitely have a shot to prove a little more and actually get a legitimate look to make the 25-man roster,” Manzella said.

Says Coop:
“They both have made an impression,” Cooper said. “So that’s why it will be important to get them into games here in the spring, and do it a lot, particularly early.

“They’ll get a long, long look because we need to know if we got a guy who can step in and play.

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