Monday, February 23, 2009

Jordan Comadena hearts Jimmy Wynn

In a nice little article, we get to meet Jordan Comadena, 23 year old outfielder from Purdue who the Astros signed to a minor league contract in most likely a utility role, and who will probably start 2009 in Lexington.

Comadena played in an alumni game with the Madison Mallards, played well, and was approached by the Toy Cannon himself:

“He got my information and I e-mailed him a bunch of stuff. I didn’t hear from him for a couple of months after that,” Comadena said. “In November, I got an e-mail back from him and it was encouraging. He said the Astros were working on something.”

Eventually, Comadena was contacted by Houston assistant general manager/director of player development Ricky Bennett and offered a minor league contract.

Playing well at Purdue, he was having a career year during his junior season when he broke a bone in his hand.

"My junior year I was really hitting the ball well. But a quarter way through the year, I broke a bone in my hand and had to have surgery,” he said. “I missed over half the year and that scared all the scouts away.

“My senior year I was healthy, but I didn’t have the kind of year I was hoping for. I was pretty confident somebody would take a chance on me. When it didn’t happen, I was very disappointed. But I always tried to stay positive. I felt like something was going to happen.”