Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's a question

So let me get this straight: We saw J.R. Towles hit .375 over a month in September 2007 facing Major League opponents in real-game situations, crapped our collective pants, and gave him the C1 in 2008, where he crapped the bed.

But now we're going to crap our pants over Lou Palmisano (and trust me, I hope he's the real deal) because he may dominate in Spring Training? Sound weird to anyone else?


TJ Vetrone said...

I sure hope Towles gets the shot. Also, like your blog. Some of the stuff is rather short but I enjoy it.

Rob S said...

No one else is making me crap in my proverbial pants so why not, at least for spring training, and hell maybe only at least for today. Come opening day and the day dreams are over, reality will check in, and we will all be constipated for the rest of the year (just trying to keep the potty humor going).

The Constable. said...


You're the man. Thanks for your note. I've been in the process of packing, so in keeping in the good graces of The Wife, the posts have been shorter lately. Should be back to full strength by the end of the week.