Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ha ha ha! Carlos Lee is fat! Ha ha!

Details are emerging as Carlos Lee enjoys his first day in camp.

Manager Cecil Cooper met with Lee immediately, behind closed doors, and has decided to keep the details of most of the conversation "in-house."

But Cooper did offer a couple of details.

"I said, 'You owe me,'" Cooper offered. Asked if the payback was 150 RBIs during the upcoming season, Cooper chuckled.

"That is one of the things I did lay on him, I will say that,'" Cooper said. "But I didn't go 150. I said 140."

Ahhh, Spring Training - when hope springs eternal and players and managers dream of 140 RBI seasons. When asked if he planned on keeping his promise to make him run, Cooper had this gem:

"What good would it do?" Cooper quipped. "Five minutes, he'd be done."

Ha ha! Fatty Lee! So to recap: Carlos Lee was late. He's here. He can't run for more than five minutes. Add to that Valverde's arm is infected with insect eggs (or something like that), and Hampton has the heart of a Kentucky smoker (or something like that) and that's a good spring right there.


Rob S said...

Coop's comments about the 5 minutes and he would be done is hilarious! Even though I question some of his decisions, I like the guy more and more.

The Constable. said...

I think this year will be different for Coop. It's his second time around, he knows that works and what doesn't, and the players are largely intact - so there's an added degree of comfort there, as well.