Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Chronicle has shifted its attention away from the Texans...again.

Here's the article, here are some nuggets:

-“If Felipe Paulino doesn’t win a spot in the rotation, he’s got options remaining. But we can’t walk past the possibility of considering him as a bullpen piece,” Wade said. “We’ve talked about Norris. De la Vara is a Rule 5 guy. We have guys like Danny Graves in camp. Chad Paronto is back in camp. All of these guys are going to be out there trying to put their best foot forward and see if they can impress somebody.”

-Norris and third baseman Chris Johnson top that list, but shortstops Edwin Maysonet and Tommy Manzella have realistic shots at earning one of the utility infield roles as the club seeks a true shortstop to back up Tejada.

-Jason Smith also will compete to be the backup shortstop, which also could be filled through a trade or free-agent acquisition. David Newhan performed well for the Astros last year in a backup infielder’s role, yet the club has made it clear to Newhan’s agent that his chances of making the club aren’t as strong as they would be if he were a true shortstop.