Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bud Norris thinks your unkind words about the farm system are...unkind.

Great article on Bud Norris by Alyson Footer.

"Maybe we don't win a lot of games, but the fact is there is a lot of talent. We have young guys that just need to learn."

Footer explains that Norris is the closest prospect to the Majors, and was projected to be a starter, but was pretty lights out in the Arizona Fall League with a fastball at 96-97 and a plus slider (remind you of a guy who used to wear "54?").

For the time being, Norris is working out of the bullpen but if/when he gets back to minor-league camp he'll be worked into a starter's role. Remember this: Wandy, Backe and Hampton only have deals through 2009, as does Valverde. And Moehler has a mutual option for 2010. There's room for Norris on the club in 2010, let's see what happens.

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Lance Berkman made the MLB Speed Demons Team: