Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brad Ausmus' impact on the 2008 season

So I couldn't sleep and started thinking about Brad Ausmus (this was because my wife could sleep). Did Ausmus impact the rotation as we would be led to believe?

In 2008 Brad Ausmus played in exactly 81 games. Regard:

The Astros were 33-30 in games Ausmus received at least two plate appearances. This is a .524 winning percentage, 10 points lower than the Astros .534 winning percentage in 2008.

With Ausmus behind the plate (not counting late-inning replacement appearances), the Astros allowed 233 earned runs in 1607 outs. This translates to a 3.92 ERA, lower than the 4.36 ERA the Astros allowed in 2008. This was helped by a run from August 26-September 16 in which Ausmus was behind the plate for games in which the Astros allowed 0 or 1 runs in seven of eight games.

So was he effective? Yeah, I guess so.


CM said...

That's a great stat, nice work. I always wondered how much he actually did impact our rotation. I hope that when he finally does decide to hang them up, he comes back to the Astros as a coach or manager.

Great blog by the are the best source of Astros news on the net, better than even as you update more frequently.

The Constable. said...


You're my new best friend. Thanks for the comments, keep reading, and please tell your friends.


Spruce said...

The good thing about using last year's stats is that Brad was working with a less talented pitching staff than he had in the past. I imagine the stats would be even better in years in which he was handling Roy and Roger and Andy more often.

The Constable. said...


That's true. I was looking at running similar comparisons for previous seasons - but, uh, 2008 was time-consuming enough. I do have a job, after all.