Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baseball Prospectus speaks - though I think we've had enough bad news for one day

Richard Justice's column tipped me off to this, but the folks at Baseball Prospectus made their 2009 projections today. And it's not good.

5th place. 66-96. Two games ahead of Pittsburgh for last.
Last in the NL Central in OBP and SLG.
Last in the entire league, and tied with the Mariners for last place in MLB in OBP.
Next to last in the NL in SLG.
Last in the NL Central in runs scored.

Update: But Zachary Levine tells you not to panic.


Rob S said...

Though it wasn't prospectus, the Astros were picked to be the bottom dweller of their division in 86 and they ended up winning the division and giving the World Series Mets some competition. Though the Astros don't have near the same makeup as that great team, at least there's hope :)

The Constable. said...

I think shooting for 1986 is an absolute best-case scenario for this team. While I will be surprised if they go to the playoffs, I was surprised to see how poor offensively BP thinks our fair club will be.

Rob S said...

I wasn't expecting miracles either, but definitely not that bad. Im not expecting much, so if they surprise, it will be just that, a surprise. I too would be shocked if they make it to the playoffs, but even if they do, unless certain members become all stars over night or make acquistions mid season, we do not have a pitching staff that will survive in the post season.

Love the site, I dont even bother scouring the net for Astros info, just come here now. Keep up the good work!