Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Talking Tejada

You know what I think. What does someone else think?

Tejada will be at spring training and will be trying to be a good influence in the clubhouse and on the field, but there's nothing he can do to repair his image. Too bad for the Astros and their fans they have to put up with him for another year.

Ever since the Mitchell Report broke, I've known that McLane has encouraged players who were mentioned to be honest and come clean if they did it. Miguel Tejada appears to be taking a step in that direction, and it has to please McLane.

The moment I get to Kissimmee, I'm going to walk right over and give Miguel Tejada a big hug. I'm going to embrace him and whisper, ''I've got your back, buddy. It's going to be OK.'' Miguel Tejada has been pretty much everything the Astros hoped he would be. He has been productive on the field and a ray of sunshine in the clubhouse. Tejada is one of those guys that understands it's an honor to put on a big league uniform.

Only the guys that have been proven guilty, their numbers shouldn't count. ... I love Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens just like brothers. I've played with them for three years. They're great teammates and I would love to have them on my team this year, but the way I feel I feel like they cheated me out of the game just because of the way they enhanced themselves but I've done it by working out."

"Their numbers shouldn't count. They should have their own record book, and it shouldn't count. All the guys before us they're cheating them. These guys from the past are in the Hall of Fame, and these guys (who are on steroids) are breaking their records. It shouldn't count. It's not fair."

Jerome Solomon:
On a side note: Miguel, it would be best if you show up at Minute Maid Park today for your scheduled news conference, and apologize for everything from buying performance-enhancing drugs to the unfairness and impurity of the designated hitter to the recent economic slide. We love contrition in America.) The feds are kicking in doors all over the country looking to charge athletes with lying about steroid use. At what expense? To what gain?

Cecil Cooper:
“I can’t worry about the legal process. That’s between Miguel and the legal process. I will have my shortstop for the season, and that’s been my hope all along.”

David Steele (Baltimore Sun):
This latest entanglement for Miguel Tejada doesn't teach us anything new about baseball and performance-enhancing drugs. All it does is reinforce what we already knew, and the events of the past few days tell us that a lot of people needed reinforcing, or else they stay deluded about how bad this is. What Tejada's federal court appearance today - for allegedly lying to congressional investigators about his knowledge of teammates' use of performance-enhancing drugs - reteaches us is that everybody might not be guilty, but hardly anybody is innocent.


Jason C. said...

Tag always has the ability the fine the negative in a situation and write about it. Which sometimes is a nice contrast to the other collumns, but I think sometimes he over does it. Suggesting the Astros drop tejada and eat 14 mil is one of those times.

The Constable. said...

Totally agree. For $14 million, he's going to have to be hitting .125. His contract isn't Woody Williams'. This was THE biggest move of Wade's tenure in Houston. He's not going to cut him after one season

Aaron said...

Strong words from Oswalt. I love how ballsy he is.

I agree. Miggs ain't going anywhere.

Question: Is it ironic that a few days after we officially dub Tejada- Miggs, we find out he could be put behind bars? The homeplace of his namesake?

jason c said...

I don't think he is gonna do any time.

Aaron said...

Neither do I. I'm just saying the thought of Miggs being in a cell next to the real Miggs and Hannibal the cannibal is pretty funny.

The Constable. said...

I love it when life has the potential to imitate art. Who would play Hannibal? Barry Bonds?