Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome, Citizen Jim

Our next installment on profiles of citizens of Astros County. Want to be included? Send an e-mail.

Jim from Slidell, LA

How long have you been an Astros fan?:
Since 1986 - earliest season I can remember.

What is your favorite feature at Minute Maid Park?:
The retractable roof.

If Roy Oswalt were to go insane and bring his bulldozer to the clubhouse, who do you think is the first to get dozed?
Humberto Quintero.

On the current team, which players - if any - are locks for the Hall of Fame?
None yet, but Roy and Lance are on the right path. A few more years at their current pace and they'll be in.

Who was the biggest player the Astros let "get away?"
Johan Santana is the first one that comes to mind, but I think Carlos Beltran was the biggest one. Look at what's happened to center field since he left.

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