Monday, January 26, 2009

Nieve and Paulino to audition for the rotation.

Open tryouts - bring a glove! Alyson Footer is reporting that Coop will give Fernando Nieve and Felipe Paulino - both of whom it feels like have been around since Mike Scott played - a shot at the rotation.

This makes Brandon Backe and Brian Moehler very nervous...

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Anonymous said...

Right now the starting rotation gives me hives, not to mention an aching shoulder, a "bruised" tricep and a pinched nerve, all of which are apparently contagious.
I am interested in you setting an over/under number on how many different pitchers get starts this year. I actually like the bullpen quite a bit. We could be okay there. But they will get plenty of opportunities to screw up with this starting rotation.

Also, do you imagine any scenario in which Danny Graves makes this team?