Saturday, January 31, 2009

Man, you go out of town for one night...

So I went out of town to enjoy a night out with The Wife and come back to 22 comments and almost 2,000 visits - by far an Astros County record.

And while I certainly don't wish to fan flames, I would like to point out that the "Disaster" of trading for Jake Peavy was a credit to the Cubs' rotation, which does not have anyone named Hampton or Backe in it.

Take it easy, Cubs fans...Astros County is very clearly an Astros-centered blog. And the Cubs mix in the Astros' world. Obviously no one (myself included) thinks that the wind from Hurricane Ike made the Astros' bats silent for nine innings, plus seven innings in the next game, too. And the no-hitter was a valid no-hitter. Congratulations. You win.

Enjoy the sarcasm. It's here all week. And for our friends in Miller Park South? I changed the picture just for you.