Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jose de Jesus Ortiz...or should I saw Or-tease?

JJO is posting a long interview with Ed Wade...but in parts.

On Chris Johnson:
Prospect Chris Johnson will get a serious shot at winning the third base starting job or at least show in spring training that he might be able to come up from Class AAA Round Rock later in the season to start at the position. Edwin Maysonet and Tommy Manzella will compete for the utility infield role.

On Wigginton:
In a perfect world we'd bring him back here. But the economy didn't allow us to sort of live in the perfect world. But we have two veteran guys over there who can split time, and I do think that Chris Johnson will get a real solid look, at the very least get a good solid look if he doesn't win the job outright. That sound is Aaron Boone's entire body freezing up.

Then this:
From the character standpoint, I do think (with) Aaron Boone, Jason Michaels and some of the other guys that we've added here this offseason, we're not going to miss a beat from the standpoint of character and makeup."

Character and makeup: Winning World Series' since 1903...

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