Sunday, January 25, 2009

If Ed Wade offers you anything, take it. Take it immediately.

The Wolf himself told Ken Rosenthal he didn't have time to accept the three-year $28.5 million contract, because Easy Eddie immediately developed a case of buyer's remorse, and pulled the offer.

"I'm not bad-mouthing them. They decided to go in a different direction. Even though it didn't turn out that well for me, I don't blame them for going in the direction that they did."

But there is this closing quote, which could only be spoken by a man who has no control over the money he'll receive...

"It's obvious why I don't bet horses. I haven't been too successful with my picks. My goal is never to sign for the most money. It's always to find the right fit. I eventually hope to find it and pitch in October."

I bet horses once. It's why I now don't have any horses.