Thursday, January 29, 2009

Huh?: Game Scores

Perhaps you've seen it at the bottom of the box scores on - the game scores of starting pitchers. What the heck does it mean? That's what Astros County is here to help with. This morning, in the absence of news, and because my hands hurt from all the wringing, we're going to learn to calculate Game Scores.

And since the Astros' best Game Score of the year came from Roy Bulldozewalt against Colorado on September 6, a complete-game one-hitter the Astros won on a 6th inning Hunter Pence two-run homer, we'll use that game to start. (Roy's numbers are in parentheses as we calculate).

-Every pitcher starts with a 50. That's your base line number. A score higher than 50 means the pitcher had a quality start. (50)
-Add one point for every out the pitcher records. Roy threw a complete game. Nine innings - 27 outs. (77)
-Add two points for every inning completed after the fourth inning. Roy completed five innings after the fourth. (87)
-Add one point for every strikeout. Roy struck out six Rockies. (93)
-Subtract two points for each hit and one point for each walk. Roy gave up one hit and walked two. (89)
-Subtract four points for each earned run and two for unearned runs. Roy, obviously, allowed no Rockies to cross home plate (89).

That's it! Of course Carlos Zambrano's bullcrap no-hitter was the highest rated Game Score of the season, with a 96.

Brandon Backe's 3.1-inning 11-run debacle against the Cubs on August 6? Yeah...-8.


Ted said...

Possible addition to Game Score formula:

Subtract 20 if opposing team's home city was forced to endure hurricane, relocation.

The Constable. said...

+1 to Ted.

The Whammer said...

I agree...I am a real cub fan...not one of the drunken ones, (I dont drink) Here is who I would blame before Steve Bartman (in no particular order)
10. Alou - I think his reaction set the tone for the inning of "victom"
9. Gonzales for his physical error
8. Fonzworth for when it was just a one run game, he gave a base clearing triple to - Mike Mordici
7. Sammy Sosa for not hitting the cut-off man and allowing the baserunner to reach 2ond which lead to...
6. Crusty Baker, should have let Prior issue the intentional walk to the next batter NOT Fonzi
5. Crusty Baker for not coming out earlier and settling the team down.
4. MLB/Umpires. If you ever have a chance to view it in slow mo, the wind is pusing the ball back into the field of play and it definately looks like he is on the field.
3. Mark Prior for not shutting the door.
2. Mark Griz - If you dont make your "bad judgement" in game one allowing the tying run to score, there would be no bartman
1. jim Hendry - for thinking that Fonzi, Dave Veres, Mark Guthry, and (dare I say) Joe Borowski, would be enough relief pitching to win it all...are you kidding me?
No bartman, no goats, no evil spirits, just a great team that had a horrible manager, some bad luck, and decided to play poorly in the one inning of the season that REALLY counted. All kidding with you Astronaut fans, good luck this year. Think piching and defense and you will rise to the top of the central.

The Constable. said...

Ahh, Whammer. You're my favorite Cub fan. Actually, my cousin is my favorite Cub fan, but you'll do for now.

It's true. I think the Astros have a healthy respect/fear of the Cubs, thus the banter. Thanks for taking it for what it's worth.

Alex Gonzalez is as responsible for 2003 as Bartman is. That was a routine play that Gonzales bobbled, which could have got them out of the inning, and thus, most likely the game.

Baseball is a streaky game, and has a lot to do with how you handle the beginnings of those streaks, and that team let it get away. There's no curse. There's no fan in headphones sucking the World Series away. Just how it is.

I still think that, 1 through 4, the NL Central is among the three toughest divisions in baseball. It'll be a fun 2009.