Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hot Rumor from El Mamey - Tejada to play tomorrow?

Word on the street in Santo Domingo from my new best friend, El Mamey. Miguel Tejada is rumored to play for Aguilas Cibaenas in tomorrow's (Monday's. Jan 5th's) game against rival Tigres del Licey.

If you read El Mamey's last comment, you'll see his report that Aguilas are lacking heart - something Miggy has plenty of. Stay tuned...


El Mamey said...

Hi Jason!

Today is a holiday here in DR, so the game is at 5pm local time. I just went from the Estadio Cibao, and unfortunately Miguel Tejada was not taking batting practices. That might indicate that he's not making a debut today as rumored. Anyway, I will have more details later today on this.

Regarding Towles, he's sharing the Catcher position with our Captain Alberto Castillo. We've lack a power hitter in the C position, and Castillo is around 37 years old, so Towles is being a great help to the team. He started very slow in mid December, but he's learning the tricks of the Dominican Winter league very fast. He's smart and runs very well for a Catcher.

On Michael Bourns, he was a sensation at the beginning of our season (from October to November) but suddenly he felt on a long long slump and lossed his position on the lineup. He left the team December 10th as we hired Andruw Jones... But Jones was a big dissapointment...

Well, I'll report more at night...

El Mamey said...

...Sorry, JAMES, not Jason! (What was I thinking???)

Anonymous said...

This El Mamey guy is awesome! It's like he is the County Ambassador for DR!

El Mamey said...

Well guys, bad news for the Águilas fans... We lost today 2-8 to Licey Tigres (Tigers), our biggest archirrivals.

Miggy didn't show up for the team, and we have not sure date for his debut, if it ever happens.

As far as I can "read" the situation, Miggy is not ready to play yet and he is not going to make a debut until he feels that he can really contribute to the team. I was informed that today was a good day for his debut but things came out differently. I really hate when my team depends on one or two players to get better, but the truth is that the Águilas are in a very bad situation.

Let me explain a little bit. We're now on the Semi-finals, which is played among the best four teams on the regular season (our league has six teams). The semi-finals are in a Round Robin system, in which each team plays 18 games against the other three. The best of this stage go to the Finals, for the best on nine games.

Águilas are 2-5 with today defeat. We have two rain-postponed games, one with Tigres and other with Gigantes.

Both Gigantes and Tigres are 5-3, leading the standing.

The fourth team, Toros (Bulls), are 4-5. This team has played all 9 games to date.

So, we need to win about 8 games of our remaining 11 dates in order to finish with a positive record of 10-8 and be able to clinch to the Finals. As we are in the bottom, this is a really hard to acomplish scenario... but my team is probably the one with enough courage and history to make it, so, I'm always standing for them.

If you have followed my comments on recent posts, you know that we're lacking a leader and motivational figure, and there's where Miggy fits in my opinion.

So, I hope that Tejada would join us really soon, or it might be too late... :(

TOWLES: J.R. Towles didn't start today but was in roster. Unfortunately, the game when open on the 4th and the manager didn't bring him up as pinch hitter.

A sad day for Águilas, as we're now in a very hard predicament. :(

A quick note on Andruw Jones. As you know, Jones is a big friend of Rafael Furcal, and they play for the LA Dodgers. Furcal convinced Jones to play Winter league in order to better his batting. The Águilas hired him but he was nothing near the Andruw Jones we knew from years ago. He left the team yesterday after batting below .140 and having collected a bunch of strikeouts.

Too bad for him. I wanted him to improve and help the Águilas, but apparently he tought of the Dominican Winter League more like a vacation than a real job. :(