Friday, January 2, 2009

Comment of the far.

Thanks to El Mamey, who posted a comment regarding Miguel Tejada on the post about Miggy playing for Aguilast Cibaenas in the next six weeks. If you missed the comment, I have reposted it in its entirety below...

I'm Dominican, and Águilas Cibaeñas hardcore fan since 7 years old. I truly don't understand why people wonders when Miggy says he's willing to play for Águilas this winter (once again) after saying many many times he wouldn't (once again, too).

He plays NOT for the money. I'm sure we all agree that the payment we give him is nothing compared to whatever he earns playing for the Astros or any MLB team.

Miggy is a complicated man, but he's also very simple when it comes to this sport. He plays for the pleasure and for the fans in his native Dominican Republic. He's so lucky to be a very healthy, strong man that does play many many games without injuries or sickness, and so, he enjoys being on the field.

I guess this won't sound very professional, but I'm sure he cannot feel the same "love" for playing on the MLB than playing here in the DR. It's not the same, and I hope this won't sound disrespecting to you (God forbids). I envy all the technology and commodities you have in any MLB baseball field, but you should envy how passionate the Dominican baseball fan is about his/her team and players.

Miggy is a hero in my country, and is very respected by all teams and all players. And most important, he's a leader, a motivator... the Águilas are down 0-3 in the post-season, but just by suggesting he's going to play for us, the whole team changes to better. That's something be cannot pay in any way.

Believe me, for the normal baseball fan in DR, it's magic paying less than 10 dollars to see Miguel Tejada (among other MLB stars) playing so hard for a team. That's why we adore him. He never missed a season since 1995 playing for the Äguilas, even during his streak of consecutive games in MLB, he always played for us too.

The Águilas fans are more than grateful for him. The season he decides (and stay!) off the team, we would not condem him ever. He already gained a place in the All-Time glories in my country, in my team, in the history, in my heart.

...hmmm... I speak too much... I better stop now... sorry!!

PS: I know that cheerleader... as well as the rest of them... That picture of Ivonne is famous... ;)

Check the Águilas Cheerleaders of this season

A word or two about El Mamey's insightful post. It's true about the level of fandom in the Dominican Republic compared to that of MLB teams. I ordered ESPN Deportes a couple of seasons ago in order to watch Caribbean Basin baseball, and the excitement and conviction showed by fans was unreal. The only thing I can possibly compare it to is Premier League Football.

As far as the level of joy Miggy puts into the sport, you can't deny it. All season long Richard Justice would talk about the energy and enthusiasm Tejada brought to the clubhouse, and with $13 million coming in 2009, playing for Aguilas Cibaenas is purely heart - there's no economic factor whatsoever.

Excellent post - keep them coming. And El Mamey, thanks for writing. If you want to be the first international citizen of Astros County, shoot me an e-mail.

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El Mamey said...


What a surprise! Thanks for writing a post with my comment and for your insights on it... I feel honored! :)

Well, regarding the Águilas, we finally won a game on extrainnings last Friday, but loose again last night. Now we're 1-4, and many many Águilas fans are crying for Miggy to join the club (yes, I'm among them).

See, the Águilas are much better than what we're showing on the field. This is a team with many MLB stars: Rafael Furcal, Melky Cabrera, Edwin Encarnación, TJ Peña, Andruw Jones... with great pitchers like Fausto Carmona, Johnny Cueto, Claudio Vargas, Julián Tavárez and so on.

Even when you see names like former MLB player Luis Polonia (playing his 25th season all with Águilas and the new king of hits in regular seasons with 903), you should know that the team is made to win.

But the other teams are pretty good too. Dominican Winter League is without any doubt the strongest league in the Caribbean and probably one of the best in the World. But as I said in my first comment, we play with the heart, and fans (which, in my opinion become the 10th player in any game) need to witness commitment in the players in order to support them.

My beloved team is lacking that: HEART to play. We're playing with no enthusiasm, we're not ENJOYING the game. Few years ago, when someone connected an important hit, the whole dugout was like a party. When someone made a great play in defense, the teammates nearby phisically congratulated the player. That's gone from my team this year. We're with any doubt the MOST BORING team among the four playing this January.

And the responsible of that is no other than the Manager, Félix Fermín. This guy is non-existant in the games. He don't provocates situations, he don't order base stealing, no hit-and-run, no squeeze plays, and aaaaaalways keeps the pitcher just ONE batter more than necessary (yes, after the homerun that puts the rival ahead in the scoreboard!).

We're SICK of Fermín lack of enthusiasm, his "passivity" (passive ways) to conduct the team. It's incredible that even the TV and Radio commenters could be better managers than Fermín as they suggest plays that are totally logical and interesting, but Fermín sticks to the old method of playing the long ball, and waiting just the homers to come. C'mon! all the rivals put their LF, CF and RF back to the wall waiting the long flyball!

He's a MORON... Sorry, I'm soooo upset! :(

That's why we NEED Miguel Tejada in the team. Last year with the same team and same stupid manager, we were facing elimination to go to the Finals. Then, an inspirational Miguel motorized the team and we won a game coming from behind and from then on, we took everything until reaching our 20th Championship.

If you wish to watch that inning, go to: (sorry, in Spanish!)

That's the kind of players we need now.

Oh, by the way, we're also hiring a bunch of guys that could kidnap Félix Fermín for the rest of January, so we could play with a different guy and possibly look like a baseball team... if you know someone willing to do that, drop me a line... I sent you an email, so, let's keep in touch!