Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can I see a menu, please?

From Alyson Footer's Q&A with Roy Oswalt, who basically says all the right things about playing for Team USA. He started throwing earlier. Spring Training is boring. The World Baseball Classic is better than Spring Training. All of those WBC host sites simply have to be better than Kissimmee. But then there's this... Let's talk about the offseason. Besides working out, What have you been doing to pass the time?

Oswalt: I get up at six most mornings and try to do some type of work, something on the ranch. I'm actually building a restaurant in my town. It'll be a weekend thing, not open all the time. It's going to be a steakhouse. It'll be more of a cafe -- I only have 500 people in my town and I wanted to put something in for them, because you have to drive 20 miles to get anywhere. You're building it yourself?

Oswalt: I bought some land that's close to the town where I grew up, and I'm building a pad to build the restaurant on. I'm going to start on the foundation before I leave for Spring Training. It's going to be called "Home Plate Steakhouse." It'll probably be ready for business by September of this year.

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